Reinstall Safari

How To Uninstall And Reinstall Safari On Mac

Safari is one of the prominent browsers from Apple. It has features like notification pop-ups, add ons, pin tabs, etc. Mac users enjoy these features. But they cannot be used to the fullest extent if your browser does not work well or if it is uninstalled as a result of certain issues. 

Most of the Mac devices have the inbuilt Safari browser. Does your computer have less storage of memory? Are you thinking about reinstalling the safari completely to discard it from your Mac device? Once you have uninstalled safari, you will be able to save or free much of the space. 

You can use Mac purgeable space if you still need more space even after you have uninstalled safari. 

The iMac Cleaner is an effective tool. It will enable you to discover all the pictures that are stored on the Mac and other files. The reason behind installing safari could be you prefer to use Firefox or chrome. If you simply remove the app by moving it to the bin, that would not be the ideal method to do so. 

The app will not be completely removed by just dragging it to the trash. The leftovers of the application will be there which consumes much of the space. Too much space is used by your Mac device since these leftovers are still present. The uninstallation on Mac is not that easy as you think. 

Completely Uninstall Safari On Mac

When you uninstall and remove safari, the other files which are important for the operation of Mac may also be removed. To function well certain applications rely on the browser which may affect the system. Using the iMac – Mac Cleaner you can do it easily, the features include: 

  • Efficiency which completely removes the applications that you wish to delete and also the related files of the applications.
  • It is Influential and strong enough to complete the projects and all it’s requests to complete all the assigned jobs effectively. 
  • By being Selective it reveals the scanned outcomes in various categories like date, time, size, etc. Each application can be previewed and you will be able to choose which apps you need to uninstall. You can manage and control everything. 
  • During the free trial, you will be able to uninstall the Mac 500 MB of data, you will be able to enjoy without cost. 

How To Manually Uninstall Safari Browser

To uninstall safari completely, you just cannot drag the application to the trash, since there will be leftovers. It is not possible to change or completely delete safer, the reason being it is very much important for the working of the operating system. 

In case, you need to discard the file from safari, it is essential for you to clear the specific kind of files. In the file type search for the name Safari. You need to fully delete all the files that have the name Safari to remove Safari completely. 

Make sure to examine for the term“Safari” which is found in the file name ad folders such as Dock icon, application support files, Binaries, etc. You will not be able to completely uninstall Safari on the new version of macOS. 

Even if you try your best to remove all the relevant files and also the history, the application’s binary file will be still there. You can reboot the Safari. This can help you to protect your device from being out of order. In the former versions, you will be able to carefully wipe out the Safari by making use of Mac Cleaner.

Steps to Uninstall Safari For Mac OS X

  • Start Terminal through applications or Spotlight of using the Utility folder
  • Type in cd /Applications/
  • Then you need to enter the device password and type sudo rm -rf
  • Examine the Applications folder and Safari will be removed. 

Reinstall Safari For Mac OS X

  • First, you need to Download Safari for the operating system of Mac to install file. You can download it from the Apple Developers Program or Softpedia. You can use the Developer version 9 as well. Just commence the installation to complete. 
  • Safari can also be extracted from the original OS X installer DMG file.
  • You can extract Safari from the Hidden Recovery Partition on your Mac’s internal hard disc.
  • You could even Reinstall the OS X to reinstall safari.

Simple Steps To Reinstall Safari On Mac 

By following the few steps you can reinstall Safari in your Mac operating system. 

  • In the beginning, open Mac goes to the Apple icon which can be seen at the top of the screen.
  • Select to view a list and click on Restart.
  • When it begins to reboot press the command and R key and pause until the Apple logo comes up. 
  • Release the R key, choose the language you want to continue on to the next stage.
  • “OS X Utilities” will pop up on the screen in a dialogue box. 
  • Click on the second option to Continue. There should be a reliable internet connection to avoid mistakes.
  • Ultimately “OS X Yosemite” can be visible on the screen.
  • Click on Agree for the terms and conditions and Continue
  • The reinstallation of Safari on Mac is done. 
  • The OS will switch off by itself and start again or reboot. 
  • No need to worry since none of your files will be damaged.
  • In the browser type anything you want to, there will be a lot of changes in the updated version.

All the minor obstacles will disappear if you follow the steps precisely. You might have felt that the working of the operating system was low, the functioning of the system will be improved drastically. 

If you encounter any issues while reinstall safari on Mac, you can take the assistance of skilled and experienced technicians who can help you with the reinstallation of Safari Mac.