Pokémon Silver Cheat Codes

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Overview of the Pokemon Silver Cheats

Like the rest of the Pokemon series, the Pokemon Silver Cheats has the same gameplay technics. Just to reiterate, the game involves catching Pokemon, beating Gym leaders in conquest and becoming the reigning champion. There are as usual many rounds or levels to reach in the game.

Nowadays with the development of technology, this game can be played on many devices. One such device is the smartphones. However, to download and install this game on to the Android device, there is another app that needs to be installed first. It is the Android Emulator.

Today there are many versions of this emulator that are available freely on the internet. The catch, however, is that some do not allow for the use of Cheat options. This can be an important concern for many gamers. This is so because one time or another, the gamer does feel the need to use a Cheat code or a cheat option. 

So before downloading the required emulator, make sure that its features are read properly. If it has the facility to employ Pokemon Silver Cheats codes, then it is a great app to download. 

Step To Initiate Pokemon Silver Cheat Codes

Duplicate Pokemon:

Duplicate Pokémon

This is nothing but making sure that you have a spare or Duplicate Pokemon. However, using this cheat has a risk of corrupting the saved data. The process simply saves the Pokemon which you want to clone. 

Deposit the same Pokémon, then change the boxes. Herein is an important action to take. While changing, the option is to save. Click on the yes to save. However, when the message pops up saying “Saving, Do not turn off the power”. Then switch it off.  After some time turn it on again and you will find that there will be a duplicate Pokemon as well as a regular Pokémon.

Obtain Starters:

The process is the same as above and refers to select a starter Pokémon. At the bringing of the game itself, after a starter Pokemon’s selected, make sure that a Pokemon is caught. Do not save the game until then. Then catch another Pokemon and then make sure the starter Pokémon is deposited in the PC box.

Then like the Pokemon Silver Cheats process mentioned above, change the boxes. When prompted to save, click yes and before the process starts, make sure to turn off the game or reset. When you restart the game, the starter Pokemon will be safe and secure in the box. Just to warn, there is always the risk of losing or messing up the data.


This can be referred to as a hint rather than a Pokemon Silver Cheats. The idea is to capture a Ditto. This Ditto can then act as a female and you can use it for breeding. For instance, ditto and Pikachu when bred together will result in a Pichu. So there is no need to get two types of Pokemon if you want to breed. Just one Ditto is enough.

Freezing the Clock: 

This is the most common cheat which is employed by young and old alike. That is freezing the clock. For this, the player has to go to Vermilion City, Speak to Machop which is seen stomping all around. Then the player has to open the pack, go to the Coin case and check the coins.

When this action is being donned, the game will freeze. Or there is a possibility of the game getting reset. At that time the clock will be frozen. Now if the gamer wants to change the time then another code has to be used.

Cheat Codes:

There are many online websites that offer Pokemon Silver Cheats codes.  These codes have to be entered. Once the code is accepted, there will be benefits.  There are different codes with different advantages.  Some of them are mentioned below.

For Gym badges, the following code 01FF7CD5 will give a Johto Badge and 01FF7DD5 will give a Kanto Badge.  Entering these codes will give access to a particular region.  However, the gamer has to finish the first part of the game in order to use the Kanto Badges.

For teleporting to other locations such as Viridian City, the code 0103EDCE has to be entered.  Then use the Fly option and teleport.  There are different codes for different regions.  To apply the one which suits your needs.

To avoid random encounters the code to be entered is 01000BD2.  This will avoid all random battles be it in grasses or encounter areas.  But this code will not prevent the encounter if the gamer is caught in the line of sight.

Gender Modifier Codes

Yes, there are cheat codes available for modifying the gender of the Pokemon.  For instance 01FF3FDA, 01FF40DA will help in a change to Male.   When this code is used, the gender will be changed.

Learning about the above cheat processes might have surely caught your interest and you must be eager to try them out.  Sometimes, however, there might be some issues relating to it.  So it is better to continue reading this article and see how to rectify those issues while employing Pokemon Silver Cheats

Common Pokemon Silver Cheats Related Issues:

Common Pokémon Silver Cheat Related Issues

Sometimes when a cheat code is entered the game does not accept it.  If faced with a situation like this means that either the code is incorrectly entered or that the emulator is not accepting the code. 

For this make sure that the settings in the emulator are turned off to enable the cheat code input.  Just as a recommendation, it is better to use MyOldBoy or John GBC emulators which provide the ultimate GBC gaming experience for Android device users.


While using the cheat codes or Pokemon Silver Cheats processes, there is always a danger of losing the game or getting stuck. So it is better to use them wisely and use it only when there is a desperate need.  In the long run, it is better to be patient and play safe.