Pokemon Platinum Emulator

How To Download Pokemon Platinum Emulator

Due to the increasing popularity of the Pokémon game, many improvements have been made to the game. The latest is the Pokemon Platinum Emulator version. What is this all about? Here, the player has a lot of options to choose from.

For instance, the player can either take up the role of a male or a female character. That’s not all, there is the option to choose from three different Pokémon’s. They are Turtwig, Piplup and Chimchar. 

All these have to be taken from the famous Professor Rowan. Once these initial details are selected, the player can start on the road to becoming an accomplished trainer.

To state a few details about the Pokemon Platinum Emulator version game, it comes under the Role-playing genre. Its file size is 21.79MB. Its popularity can be gauged from the fact that so far there have been 78063 downloads. The game has the option to either play online or offline. However, to play offline it needs an Emulator.

There are many top Emulators for varied types of devices such as:

  1. My Boy! ( for Gameboy Advance)
  2. GBA4iOS (for Gameboy Advance)
  3. CoolN64 (for Nintendo 64)
  4. SuperRetro16( SuperGNES) Lite for Super Nintendo
  5. EPSXe(for PlayStation)
  6. PPSSPP (for PlayStation Portable)
  7. SNESDroid for Super Nintendo
  8. DeSmuME ( for Nintendo DS)
  9. MegaN64 for Nintendo 64
  10. BGB for Nintendo DS

DraStic DS Emulator: 

This emulator has been developed and designed with the needs of the Android user in mind. The main objective of its developers was to enable the users to play Nintendo games on their smartphones. This emulator has lots of features and modifications which are very specific and detailed.

Hence the DraStic Emulator has been more popularly referred by all. Not only does it help in playing the game, but it has also improved the graphics feature of the game. When the same is used on a fast and great smartphone, then the user has the option of playing it either in a landscape or portrait mode. Plus a choice is offered to save the game anywhere as you like.

The most attractive feature of this emulator is that it facilitates the twisting of the Nintendo games with lots of cheat codes. So overall, this emulator is a great app if you want to experience playing Nintendo games on the Android Smartphone.

 To summarize its exciting features:

  1. Enables quick saving and also saving of the game on Google Drive
  2. Has improved the graphics of the game
  3. Portrait and landscape option provided
  4. Simply but effective interface

The DraStic Emulator is supported by Android devices that have the following versions such as Lollipop, Android Marshmallow, KitKat, Jelly Bean, Gingerbread to name a few.

So if you are looking for a Pokemon Platinum Emulator then it is best to go for the DraStic DS Emulator. The APK file can be downloaded and installed in a few minutes and free of cost as well. If you are a first time user, then going through the steps for download as mentioned below will be useful:

Downloading Pokemon Platinum Emulator For PC:

Pokemon Platinum Emulator
  1. First, the settings in the Android device or smartphone have to be adjusted. Go to the settings icon, then the Privacy option, then the Unknown source option. This has to be changed to enable.
  2. The Android device or Smartphone should be connected to the PC.
  3.  Download the file from a trusted and secure link that mentions the game’s APK file. Save it in a folder and then transfer the file to your Android Device.
  4. By using File Manager, browse and click open the file to start the installation process. There are some third-party applications such as ES File Manager which can be used if your device does not have the File Manager.
  5. The installation process will take a few seconds. Once it is complete, the icon will appear in the applications screen.

This is one of the best Pokemon Platinum Emulator available today for free. There are other emulators as well as such as DeSmuME. This too is a Nintendo DS emulator. It has great tools and features for casual and seasoned gamers. In addition, it has great tools that attract YouTubers, hackers, and speedrunners. 

This app helps to experience the Nintendo on your device. To describe it in short, it is a feature-rich app with simple and easy controls. This app too can be downloaded in simple steps from their registered website.

One more great Pokemon Platinum Emulator that has to be discussed on this page is the SuperRetro16. It is an SNES emulator application that helps the user to play games on other devices that were previously played on handheld game consoles only. This is a great app that comes with a lot of features and can be loaded onto the mobile device.

To state a few features, for instance, gamers can experience a smooth and uninterrupted gaming pleasure. This is a free application and can be downloaded from Google Play freely. However there is a modified APK file of SuperRetro16, wherein the PRO features can be unlocked freely.  

The instructions for download and installation are very simple. Just click on the authorized website and the download will start. This app works smoothly and is compatible with other games as well.

As a precautionary measure, just check out the correct version that is required as per the device and read the installation guide as well. This will prevent any problems during and after the download and installation processes.

Compared with its features it can definitely be called a lightweight app. It has a perfect control system to boast of and also a multi-player mode. To summarize its features, it supports cheat codes, has customized game resolutions to match the devices, and offers various other support functions.


So whatever device you want to play on, a suitable Pokemon Platinum Emulator is ready as per your device specifications. So download the right one for your device and continue to enjoy playing the game. All the best!