OneDrive price war to compete against Dropbox and Google Drive

When a player dominating a market very clearly over its competitors, those competitors have a serious problem. Beginning to rival because he have enough to offer better conditions, and still have difficult assaulting his throne. This is what has happened for example WhatsApp. Although much safer alternatives have emerged as BBM platform, or more complete and open as well Telegram code is very complex done with a huge user base. One of the dominating your market is Dropbox, and one of the that follows the trail is OneDrive , formerly SkyDrive storage service in the cloud Microsoft. And now, to raise the bar and stand up with more arguments, has improved their conditions.

OneDrive answered Google Drive with the same policy of the lowest prices to win Dropbox users. To start, OneDrive now offers 15 GB of free storage for your customers, instead of the 7 GB offered today. In addition, subscribers to Office 365 spend to have a 20 GB storage to nothing more and nothing less than 1TB of space in the cloud. What’s more, additional storage prices have dropped to almost ridiculous levels to stand up to Google Drive, who has responded to Dropbox with bargain prices : 1.99 USD per month for 100 GB, and 3.99 euros per month 200 GB.

To attract more users, OneDrive has also prepared a plan referred to that will give away 500 MB for each friend signed up for the service, with a cap of 5GB thus obtained. By activating the backup from the smartphone may get another 3 GB. Although Dropbox reign continues, its competitors may have an ally: Dropbox only offers 2GB of free storage, and various promotional extensions usually have a term of two years in many cases, and gradually, is depleted, the which could lead to users with little room to find free alternatives more free storage, or at least plans as small as those of Google Drive OneDrive or prices. Meanwhile, iCloud Drive continues to lag far behind for the user, since their free plan only reaches 5 GB, which also shares space with backups of iOS devices that we have associated with our Apple ID.

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