Nokia announces an event for June 24: Nokia X2?

In the last Mobile World Congress 2014, Nokia introduced Nokia X family, a number of Android devices that claimed to be the ramp for users gradually migrate to Windows Phone platform by which you really want to bet the company recently acquired by Microsoft. That strategy seems to follow up, and it shows the event June 24 that just announced Microsoft , which is expected to be unveiled a new member of this family: the Nokia X2.

This Nokia X2 just have details. Its existence has been rumored in recent weeks, but have barely known specific data that allow us to get an idea of how would this device. Just the opposite of Nokia X family, which was filtered almost completely in the weeks and months leading up to its presentation at the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona. An event focused on Nokia X family also could not rule out some Asha device or low-end Windows Phone , although it seems very unlikely as it seems to be focused primarily on the Nokia X family devices that shape and, above all, the Nokia Store (Android application store these devices used instead of Google Play).

Expected to be realized and submit the Nokia X2, Nokia and Microsoft would be confirmed in their strategy of using Android as a ramp to migrate to Windows Phone . One strategy that has been discussed on many occasions during the last few months, they seem to be the most effective solutions to make Android users migrating to Windows Phone (as the launch of Windows Phone devices at the lowest prices by using Mediatek SoCs , which would lower the cost of the devices). However, Microsoft seems to think that this is the right way, and if they do, for nothing.

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