Leaked Android status bar at Google I/O

Android Kit Kat 4.4 has brought the biggest change in the platform interface from Ice Cream Sandwich . While not changed anything, if brought a change in the prevalence of cyan, which was replaced by white. Also, I saw the consolidation of interface cards while we could see the Status bar in certain situations took a slight touch iOS becoming semitransparent , or directly through the new immersive hidden mode.

It seems to be confirming that the new version of Android, which is expected to be presented at the Google I/O next week to see if a more radical redesign, which so far has taken the name of Quantum Paper . The news comes to us today from a user of Reddit . As noted, in the web of the Google I/O a mockup of a Nexus 5 which integrates a Status bar that changes slightly from the actual Kit Kat shown. Slight shadow, having the AOSP or Sense interface and the model would fully iOS 7 as LG has recently released the new LG G3 interface would be eliminated.

As we can see, the changes would be very light but maybe its introduction would bring more caused by the interface which would be Quantum Paper. We must remember that the updates that Google is doing in recent months are in the spirit of providing wider bars and colorful apps to their statements, eliminating the gray tones and filling them with flat colors , as we have seen in Google+ or in leaks about the new look of Gmail.

We can only wait 5 days to see how this ends. We more or less like the changes made, what we want is to end up with the perennial problem of the platform: the lack of homogeneity in the appearance of applications . One problem we see even in applications from Google.

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