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The Best IOS Emulator For Android Of 2020

Emulate basically means to imitate. In computer language, Emulator is a software program. It signifies the program’s ability to imitate another program or device. It’s an app that makes a device act like a computer or game console. Then it enables the phone to run the emulated machine’s programs. 

The IOS emulator helps the windows systems to install and run iOS apps on it. To describe it simply, an emulator is a software program that enables one device to act or perform like another device. 

To explain it better, let’s consider one device as the host and the other device as the guest. An emulator will enable the host to run software or use other devices that are actually made for the guest system. They are basically needed by app developers as it helps them in testing the various programs.

Some features of the emulators are that they are cloud-based and run programs from one or more devices such as Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, etc. The reason for the increasing demand for an IOS emulator for Android is because sometimes new apps or games are launched on iOS first. 

They take their own sweet time to be launched on Android. So that is why some users try to emulate that. The GBA4iOS is considered as one of the original emulators. 

Now the question arises why is there a need for an iOS emulator?

The reasons are many. To state a few:

  1.  Emulators are required during the development and testing process of various apps.
  2. The emulator enables running on multiple devices which are on the same iOS
  3. Emulators help in testing the apps with the developer tools and also learn about the Xcode.
  4. Not all have the financial resources to purchase and own a separate iOS iPhone or iPad. So it is cheaper to get an iOS emulator for Android. 
  5. They are free to use and have easy installation and there is no need for high tech systems. 
  6. Last but not least is that emulators can be used for entertainment. If you want to play iOS games on your PC, then the emulator will help in doing so.

In order to run Apple iOS apps on Android, iOS emulators have to be used. However as is the case with any app, there are some restrictions. The experience might not be so smooth and easy when the IOS emulator for Android is used. 

One requirement is that the IOS emulator for Android needs a lot of RAM. However, today most of the Android phones come with huge memory such as 1GB plus RAM. So this point might not worry about the Android device owners. Another fact about IOS emulator for Android is that there are not available on Google Playstore as they are not official software. 

So if you need it, then the same has to be downloaded using third party links. This might pose a risk to some devices. This is because of getting malicious malware or virus into the device.

But reviews by various users have confirmed that they have not faced any such problems while sideloading the APK files. However, still a bit of caution needs to be exercised.

There are a lot of IOS emulators for Android available today. The most popular ones are listed and described below:

1. iEMU:

This is one of the most popular iOS emulators for Android as it provides a virtual iOS environment for the Android device. It is also known by another name that is Padiod. It enables easy installation of iOS apps and games and also works great with rooted and non-rooted smartphones. 

The best part is that this does not take up much space on your Android device. However, for this app to work perfectly fine, the background running applications have to be cleared first from the phone. Not only that this emulator is an open-source and so is constantly being developed and improved. 


This is similar to the iEMU and it also comes in the APK file. This app provides straightforward access to iOS apps and games on your Android device once it is installed. The installation process is very simple and easy. It does not have any limitations on the number of apps or games that can be run. 

The user interface is also easy and simple. The usefulness of this app can be seen from the fact that many App developers use CIDER to test out their iOS applications. Best of all is that the CIDER app is free and there is no obligation made for any In-app purchase. Some though have stated that this app may not work in all Android devices. 

3. Appetize iOS Emulator:

This too is a browser-based iOS emulator. For example it runs with JavaScript and HTML 5 and not just on Android. Plus the risk of downloading the APK file is also eliminated. 

This enables the user to test or play an app without downloading. This is also available for Mac Pc and Windows.


One more great iOS emulator for Android is the IOSEMUS. The applications are neatly categorized thereby making it very simple. The themes too are customizable as per your choice. However, for the apps to run smoothly, jailbreak is required. 

The USP of this app is that the application is very simple and paid games can also be downloaded for free by using Lucky patcher or Freedom apk. This makes it more preferred than others in this category. 

As an end note, it is always best to use an iPhone or iPad to test out apps or play games. However, not all will have access to such devices. So if you do not have this facility, then the option is to go for an IOS emulator for Android.

However, caution needs to be exercised as some of them are not supported. Overall, many of these applications run smoothly and flawlessly and so can definitely be tried out.