How to watch Roku Private Channels

This article explains the ways to stream private channels on Roku stick. There are many ways to stream private channels on Roku. One of the easiest ways is installing Kodi on Roku. The Private Channels is always considered to be as Hidden Channels or Non-Certified Channels which cannot be displayed openly in the Roku channel store and it has to be added manually. The Roku private channels are used to steam the pirated videos and to distribute the video streams for free without the consent of the actual copyright holders.

There are so many reasons are available for why a channel may be private: It may be a beta version which means it is not fully developed or tested, it may be directed to a limited audience, or sometimes it may contain adult content and therefore not be eligible for listing in the channel store under Roku’s terms of service. Roku is a type of digital media player which can stream a huge amount of TV and video on demand. 

How Do You Add Private Channels?

Before you can add a private channel to your Roku box you must have the below two things:

  1. You must have the channel’s code.
  2. You must have a Roku account.

Once you get the channel’s code and created a new Roku account, then it is easy to start adding channels.

First you have to go to your account portal and click Add a Channel. Now you can Insert the required channel’s code and then accept the on-screen confirmation, and you’re done.

After confirmation, the channel should be immediately appear at the bottom of the channel list on your Roku’s home-screen. If the channels does not appears, then you have to refresh by doing the following steps: Settings > System > System Update > Check Now on the device.

List of Roku’s Private Channels

  1. Nowhere TV (H9DWC)
  2. FilmOn (NMEVA)
  3. My Channels
  4. Great Chefs
  5. Popular Science
  6. Neon Party Games


Nowhere TV (H9DWC)

The Nowhere TV is considered to be a quite essential private channel. It has been running from the year 2010 and it is one of the most subscribed private channel by the users.

FilmOn (NMEVA)

The filmOn is defined as an Internet-based channel which may have licenses for more than 600 global channels. You can watch free online TV by using the FilmOn Private channel.

My Channels

The My Channels has a little bit difference when we comparing it to the other channels. Its primary goal is to keep your channel list in a well-organized manner.

Great Chefs

The Great Chefs is one of the best cooking shows that can be used on PBS. It has been discontinued, but you can find all the latest and old episodes in one place on this channel.

Popular Science

The Popular Science is yet another great private channels on Roku and it is considered to be a cutting edge of technological and scientific news. The Videos available in this channel are in short and digestible chunks.

Neon Party Games

The Neon Party Games is one of the Roku’s private channel which will be offering a selection of fun games that can be played by an unlimited number of people through the Roku box