How to play wordcookies game (A beginners guide)

Word Cookies is a crossword puzzle game invented by BitMango. In this game, players need to find out the hidden words from mixed letters, also extra words that can be formed to get bonus coins.

This game is currently running on Android, iOS also using an Android emulator you can play in your windows pc and mac as well.

Why Word Cookies?

The game starts with less number of words and difficulty. The number of words and difficulty increases as you move on to the next levels. There are also a few levels which give you more coins. Using those coins, you can buy hints that can be used to discover answers if you can’t find them.

Word Cookies is a well-designed game with a simple and user-friendly interface. It stimulates your brain to think better and find new words. Also, it increases your vocabulary skills in the long run.

How to Play Word Cookies?

  1. Need to look for words that can be formed in every direction (Horizontally, Vertically, Diagonally, and Backward).
  2. Swipe over the letters to form a word, once you found it.
  3. The words you connected will remain highlighted until you finish the level.

Word Cookies- Tips and Tricks:

In this game, few words have been blacklisted as a part of terms and conditions. So that finding those words won’t be helpful in any manner. Also, not all words are blacklisted. You should try all words that can be formed from those jumbled letters.

Hint and Shuffle, the button can be used when you feel the game’s level becomes too challenging. Also, you’ll lose some coins, when you use help to find answers.

Find Word Cookies answers

  • In word cookies, not every level is easy, few levels can be tricky and difficult to find.
  • At, they have listed all the answers as screenshots.
  • By clicking on a level name from their home page, it reveals the answers of each level with their sublevels in it.
  • The level starts with Butter easiest level in the game and ends with Coffe Robust will be a little tricky.


Overall Word Cookies is one of the most popular word puzzle games worldwide. Share your experience in the comment section, after playing the game. Also, if you have any queries feel free to ask with us.