Google has great news for Google Cast and Chromecast during I/O 2014

About a year ago, Google unveiled a new product called Chromecast . This device consisted of a small dongle that connected via HDMI to our TV and allowed us to transfer files from your smartphone, tablet or PC to our TV in a really simple way. Today, the U.S. company has presented its plans regarding this product and regarding Google Cast , demonstrating the strong commitment that the guys at Google want to do for content and television.

For starters, the company boasted of the great figures achieved by Chromecast, which has become one of the most sold accessories to our televisions in various countries. Also Chromecast has become one of the most used devices to access services such as YouTube , which is truly remarkable considering the large number of devices accessing the service.

But Google Chromecast is just the beginning. The next step is to enhance Google Cast and Google applications and products ready . What are these products? Basically, they are applications and products compatible with streaming technologies between devices developed by Google. In other words, applications and products that enable content streaming from other devices taking advantage of the technologies that we have seen in the Chromecast.

The idea with Cast Google is integrating Google Chromecast functionality in devices like TVs or set-top-boxes , so that anyone with a compatible with Google Cast device will not have to purchase a Google Chromecast for streaming content between your smartphone, tablet or PC and your television.

To promote the discovery and development of applications ready Google Cast, the company has announced the creation of specific sections dedicated to promoting applications compatible with this system, both iOS and Android and Chrome.

Moreover, Google has solved one of the biggest problems Google Cast and Google Chromecast in general. Until now, it was necessary to use a Chromecast be connected to the same Wi-Fi network that the device, which forced us to give the key to our Wi-Fi to anyone who wanted or needed to display content in our Chromecast. That, thankfully, has changed. Now Google will detect if any Chromecast is close to us and without any need to connect to the same Wi-Fi network, we Cast icon appear on any compatible application, thus allowing us to share television content in a simple way.

Google also claims that, using our Chromecast, televisions no longer large black panels when we are not using. To do this, they have created a new feature called Backdrop , basically become our TV on a large digital photo frame which will be shown from images (which can pick ourselves) to interesting data as the time or the most important news of the day.

Finally, Google has joined the Chromecast a really interesting feature: the ability to stream the screen of your device . That is, from now on we will be able to stream everything that appears on your smartphone, tablet or computer in a really simple way. Ideal for demonstrations and presentations in society. However, this will only be compatible with certain mobile devices (although the list is growing at an exponential rate, as the guys have said the big G).

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