Facebook makes changes to shared videos directly to your network

Facebook continues to make changes in the way in which the relevant news of its users are presented. Then he announced how it will use the information from the pages you visit for generating publicity , today unveiled how to classify the videos that are uploaded directly to the social network.

As Facebook seeks to make the user experience better to “give the right to the right at the right time so you do not miss anything important people and stories relevant to them.” This will be indicated by the same user habits. Ensures that these changes are due to the shared directly on Facebook videos have increased at least twice in the last six months.

What about a video sharing link
This change will affect all videos uploaded directly to Facebook

For these cases, use Facebook and similar parameters to classify. The changes announced today affect the videos that are shared on the network directly. I guess this habit is changing, it was common to share the videos with a link to services like YouTube or Vimeo and I think is because applications that help share the videos directly, but remember that we are not just talking about personal vidéos but of all the videos and these are those who use Facebook Pages as businesses.

With different tools to measure what users see on Facebook, if they see a vidéo, how long the video see if you share or not, these measures benefit much companies and who may be behind an ad that seems they are making things easier for them while users are watching as your contact information and relevant news or not classified.

Who really benefits from these changes, users really? He says in his statement that people are more vidéos when this classification, at least those results have been applied. It is rather obvious but how much of that information really is it chosen by the user or a tool that uses the curiosity factor to add vidéos “promoted” because they saw the other contacts?

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