Detected a major security Hole in devices SoCs Mediatek TNB / June 24, 2014

Mediatek, one of the leading providers of SoCs and chipsets to manufacturers around the world (especially focused on low cost devices), may suffer during day one of the worst days in its history. And the known developer and blogger Korben has discovered an alleged vulnerability affecting tens of Mediatek SoC devices , regardless of manufacturer smartphone or tablet.

More specifically, Korben says that if we send a SMS with “=” as the contents (without the quotes), your device will restart and will automatically turn off . What is this? Basically, the very language of SoC interpreted this symbol as the command “reboot” or “turn off” (restart or shut down, in English), hence it suffices with a SMS containing only and exclusively the symbol to cause a restart or shutdown remote device. data users at no time are committed Although not come to confirm that it is a common vulnerability to all Mediatek SoC devices, the reality is that affects a large number of smartphones with this chipset . Among those affected, we find: Wiko Darkmoon, Wiko Dark Side, Wiko Darknight, Wiko Iggy, Ozzy Wiko, Wiko Darfull, Wiko Cink King, Five Wiko Cink, Wiko Peax Cink, Cink Wiko Peax 2 Slim Wiko Cink, Alcatel One Touch Idol X Idol Alcatel One Touch Ultra, Alcatel One Touch 997D Alcatel One Touch Pop C3 (4033D), Alcatel One Touch S-Pop (4030D), One Touch Alcaltel Star (6010D), Zopo ZP950, Acer Liquid E 2 DUO, Fairphone and Archos 40 Titanium.

If your device has Mediatek SoC and want to check if you are concerned enough to send a SMS from another device with “=” (no quotes) and see what happens. If you restart or shut down, your smartphone is affected and have to wait for a future update of your solvent manufacturer that vulnerability. If nothing happens, apparently your device is safe and will not be affected by this hack .

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