Chromebook can run Android apps

One of the points that Google did more emphasis during this exciting Google I/O 2014 has been on our screens allow connecting all under one ecosystem yours. The idea of being able to have absolute synchronization between your smartphone, smartwatch, vehicle and computer, is wonderful. Android Wear and Android Auto enable Google sync services and wearable with a car, but now also Chromebook from Google approach this experience to allow you to run applications originally created for the Android operating system.

Google wants the information to sync seamlessly between your mobile and your computer screen (where a Chromebook) to not interrupt your work day with having to check the phone repeatedly. For example, and as happens with Android Wear, if we receive a notification on the mobile screen will be seen in the Chromebook, and if the rule there is also discarded on the smartphone.

Also receive important alerts like the smartphone is the battery is running low, we will show directly on the screen of a Chromebook.

But more interesting is that they have proposed to bring Android apps to Chrome OS . In full conference have shown with Evernote and Vine. For example, if we are editing some important note in Evernote and want to continue in the Chromebook, we note the appearance on the desktop Evernote icon to access the app will be the same version we use a smartphoone or tablet Android.

In fact, these applications run natively, so even apps like Instagram or Vine can use Chromebook camera to record videos or take photos and upload them to the social network, which I doubt ever we use, but test what Google wanted to show.

This Chrome OS could become the perfect companion Android mobile user or not all depends on the evolution that manufacturers give these personal computers. The idea is very attractive, yes, you only need to see it in practice and offer new Chromebooks. Of course, what is true is that these computers are increasingly taking more relevance in the business world .

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