Aviate, smart launcher that bought by Yahoo

A few days ago we received the news of Nokia Z Launcher, a predictive launcher developed by Nokia, today we learned Verge , that Aviate , another known smart launcher, leaves its beta state. Aviate became very famous at launch, but when real popularity was acquired after news that had been acquired by the new Yahoo by Marissa Mayer. This led to speculation that the company would be focusing toward the Android platform to compete with Google and Microsoft offering services.

Aviate represents the future of the beneficial use of daily data also published its final form and become known as Yahoo Aviate, during this time has progressed, and is more oriented to content provided by Yahoo that submit applications . In addition, suggestions are more useful for the user as it is linked to more direct actions to take applications or websites. I mean, now we can use display information directly on our next action , such as knowing the weather forecast or display our company phones at certain times scheduled in the calendar.

Another purchase of Yahoo that has helped this was Donna, a smart calendar. Now the launcher also includes a new way to get in touch with people you usually talk, sliding your finger up on the home screen. According to them, despite buying Yahoo, Aviate will remain editable, and will receive content from any source .

The launch of Aviate, and all taking place in this regard are on a path that follows the proposal by Google to Now: gather information from any action we execute , so the next time you take her out to be such faster and more productive. With the inclusion of the tab Now in Kit Kat, Google showed a similar Aviate way. Who knows if we would have benefited more from a sale of Aviate Google being the benefactor.

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