10 years of Cabir are met first malware for smartphones

his June 10 years of discovery are met by Kaspersky Lab Cabir , the first malware aimed at mobile devices, an important fact because although not as powerful or dangerous than current malware, if it proved to be potentially infect simply a mobile device, devices that today constitute the epicenter of many people to access the network and communicate.

Although it was by no means the first malware for mobile devices, since they already had a precedent as Phage for Palm computers of the time, if that was the first malware aimed at mobile devices with Symbian operating system, one of majority by increased sales of Nokia smart phones.

“Cabir was only a beginning, a starting point. Soon after, we saw clearly that mobile threats would be a very serious problem that required a special approach. In response, we created a new division of analysis in Kaspersky Lab, devoted entirely to mobile threats. ” – Alexander Gostev.

The main objective of Cabir was draining battery terminal and replicate via bluetooth Cabir, opened a world of possibilities since it involved the jumping-traditions desktops and laptops, servers, systems. – to mobile devices in the time began to increase their functionality and capabilities and complete operating systems used in which to install all applications and display all content, although the information was more limited than it is today.

In this sense, when analyzed code Cabir was verified that the malware had ability to send files via bluetooth and replicate between smartphones to expand the network of infected, especially in public places such as restaurants, public transport and concerts devices where this was a pretty powerful features to allow increasing the number of infected devices in just a few minutes reaching its peak during the World Athletics Championships in Helsinki gun point.

Although user Cabir infection was somewhat transparent, the battery device is emptied in a rather extremely quickly, so as to enable the threat and restore the phone. Indeed, this feature was the only function of this malware, thanks to his discovery could be curbed and have a research base to be reckoned with for all that came after.

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