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How to install Mobdro on Kodi

If you are looking for ways to install mobdro on kodi, then there are two ways to install mobdro on kodi. The method is similar to the other addon installation process. Here mobdro kodi addon is available in two repositories, you can use any one of those repositories. Before discussing the steps to install mobdro on kodi, let me explain what is mobdro and why it’s famous.

What is Mobdro

Mobdro is an application which allows the user to stream all the content for free. It is capable of streaming movies, TV shows, Live events, sports and lots more. It has a limited number of channels with an ad for the free version. For the premium version, it has 400+ channels and ad-free streaming. Mobdro is compatible with most of the streaming devices and it also provides its support across various OS. You can even install mobdro on Kodi.

Steps to install mobdro on Kodi

First, we will be installing Bliss TV repository to install mobdro on Kodi.

  • Go to settings > File manager > Add Source > None
  • Now enter the URL as and give any name for it.
  • Select Ok to save the changes. Now go back to the homepage.
  • Select addons > Unbox icon > install from zip file > Bliss TV source
  • Wait for few seconds, till the repo is installed. Now select install from repository.
  • Select Bliss TV repo> Video addons > Mobdro >install
  • Wait for few seconds till the addon is installed. Now you can access the addon from the home screen.

If this method doesn’t work for you. The below method will work for sure. This time we will be installing kodil repository. Make sure to use the new URL of the Kodil repository.

  • Go to settings > File manager > Add Source > None
  • Now enter the URL as and name it as Kodil.
  • Select Ok to save the changes. Now go back to the homepage.
  • Select addons > Unbox icon > install from zip file > Kodil repo source
  • Wait for few seconds, till the repo is installed. Now select install from repository.
  • Select Kodil repo> Video addons > Mobdro >install
  • Wait for few seconds till the addon is installed. Now you can access the addon from the home screen.

These are the steps to install mobdro on kodi. And with these steps, you can begin streaming mobdro on kodi. But the big question is why you need to install mobdro on kodi? Like kodi, mobdro also supports various devices and platforms. If you are using kodi on a device, there is a huge possibility that mobdro support the same device. Even though there are ways to install mobdro on Kodi, we highly recommend you to install and use mobdro directly. Well, that’s all about the tutorial. If you are facing any issue, do comment below. We will reply to it as soon as possible.

How to stream seamlessly on kodi with no lags

Sometimes kodi lags when streaming the live contents. It’s so annoying to see pop up message displaying no stream available error. And by this time you had probably closed the kodi and move on with your work. But this problem in much common with the kodi user irrespective of the content which they are streaming. This error is also known as the buffering issue. And there are few fixes available for it. We will be discussing the easiest way to stream the content without any delay.

Before proceeding to the solution, let me explain what is kodi and how it works and why this error occurs. This will helps you to understand the issue in the much broader sense and helps to comes up with much more working ideas. Kodi is the one of the most used streaming software. It allows the user to stream the contents from the local device, network and from online. To stream contents from the online, you need the help of the third party programs called addons. There are both official addons and third-party addons. Most of these official addons are paid addons. We won’t be using it since you can stream the same contents by using third-party addons for free.

Generally, the contents to be streamed is fetched from the remote servers and stored in the buffer memory. And during the playback, this content is transferred to RAM to play the contents. During this process, some of the temporary files are left. Those files are called cache files, and the storage location is called cache memory.  If this memory is filled with dump files, then the residue files will take up files in the buffer memory.

So you need to clear the cache memory on the regular basis for the optimal performance of the kodi. You can use indigo kodi addon top clear the cache in one click. You can install indigo kodi addon from supremacy repository.

Install Indigo addons

  1. Go to settings > File manager > Add Source > None.
  2. Enter the Supremacy Repo URL “” and name it as supremacy.
  3. Select addons from the home screen. Followed by Installer icon > Install from Zip File > Supremacy.
  4. After installation of the repo, select Install from Repository > Supremacy Repo > Program addons > Indigo > Install.
  5. In a few seconds, your addons will be installed.  Now open the Indigo addon.
  6. Select maintenance tool and select clear cache.

Now your cache will be cleared in the single click. After that restart your kodi. Now you can stream any of the content without lag. If you are using kodi on the daily basis, then make sure to do this at the end of the day. This will keep your kodi at optimal performance. And you will be amazed by the difference.

That’s all about how to clear cache on kodi. Hope the steps are clear. If you are facing any other trouble, do let us know. We would be glad to help.

How to watch live tv on jailbroken firestick

Firestick is one of the most used streaming devices all around the world. It provides lots of amazing features to its users.  It allows you to install all the official apps and enjoy the paid contents. But this little device is much more powerful and capable of streaming any of the online content for free. Yep! once you jailbreak your firestick, the new possibilities will open for you. In this article, we will explain how to jailbreak firestick and how to watch live Tv on jailbroken firestick.

Install kodi on firestick

Before jailbreaking firestick, you need to decide for which purpose you are jailbreaking it. In this case, we are doing to watch live tv for free. So we need to jailbreak the firestick to install an application which is capable of streaming all the online live contents for free. Here comes Kodi. Being the best media streaming player, kodi is capable of playing all the contents for free from either from the internet or your local storage. Now let’s see the steps to install kodi on your firestick.

Since kodi is a third-party media player, firestick won’t support the direct installation process. So you need to sideload this application into your firestick operating system. To this, you need to install the downloader app from firestick store. Or you can use any file manager with download features like ES File Explorer. Just install any of these file managers and download kodi apk from the kodi official site. Just select the downloaded file to install it.  After installing kodi on your firestick, you can access it from the app drawer.

Kodi addon installation

Kodi is just a media player without its addons, plain and simple. You need to install any of the addons to make it a streaming player. These addons are the script file which is capable of fetching the online media contents. And the fetched contents are played with the help of kodi. Since we are planning to watch live TV, I will share some of the best addons to watch live TV. For more live tv addons for kodi, kindly refer to

Selfless kodi addon

Selfless kodi addon is my favorite addon for live TV. There are tons of live TV addons within lots of streams. But let me explain what makes selfless kodi addon so special. Other addons have a huge list of contents and lots of unorganized streams. And most of them are not working. But selfless kodi addon has limited streams and categorized in a user-friendly manner. More importantly, all the streams are working great. You will never get disappointed after founding your favorite sports channel. follow the below steps to install selfless kodi addon on your kodi.

  1. Select Settings > File manager > Add source >None
  2. Now enter the Repo URL as and name it as rockcrusher.
  3. Addons> package installer> Install from zip file> rockcrusher.
  4. Wait till the repository installation completes, and select install from repository.
  5. Now select rockcrusher repo > video addons > selfless >install.
  6. Wait till the addon installation completes.
  7. Now you can access the addon from the home screen.

These are the steps to install the selfless kodi addon. The contents are categorized in a user-friendly manner. So just go through the contents, you may find lots of most used streams. The channels are categorized as UK TV and US TV separately. And if you are a sports lover, there is a separate section for you. These are the ways to watch live TV on the jailbroken firestick. Hope this article is informative and clear, if you are facing any issue, do comment below.

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How to Remove Kodi Repository

Kodi is a free and open-source media streaming application software which can be used for streaming media contents such as Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Music, and much more. It has so many official and third party add-ons for watching the media contents. It also supports multiple operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, etc. Installing add-ons is a way to entering repository sources into your software. Repositories are perfectly safe to use, but if you have a lot of them it can slow down your Kodi experience. Some of the popular kodi repositories are Super Repo, NoobsandNerds Repo, Kodil Repo, etc. Sometimes, you may get the error while installing addons like “couldn’t connect to repository”, “Repository not Found”, etc. You can also receive the errors from already installed repository due to the updates or repos no longer available. During that time, you have to think about how to uninstall or remove that particular repository. Here is the way to remove and uninstall repositories on Kodi.

How to Remove/ Uninstall Kodi Repositories?

The common way to remove a repo from your Kodi app is to use the built-in uninstall feature. You need to do this one repository at a time, moving through the list and uninstalling each one in turn. It only takes a second, and it works the same way on every platform.

  1. First of all, you have to open your Kodi app.
  2. From the Kodi Homepage, click on the Add-ons option which is present in the left menu.
  3. Now you have to select the “My add-ons”.
  4. Now you can select the “Add-on repository”.
  5. Now you have to scroll down the list and select the repository which you want to remove.
  6. After selecting the repository that you want to remove, you can click on the icon which is marked as “Uninstall”.
  7. After clicking on the Uninstall, a confirmation window pop-up will be displayed on the screen. In that, you have to select “Yes“.
  8. Now the Kodi will remove the repository and its associated repo files.

Removing a repository will always leave all of your add-ons intact. It can also leave the source URL on your system which can be used later to quickly re-download the repository. After removing a repository, the associated add-ons will never receive updates.

How to Uninstall Repository Sources

Removing a repo from Kodi gets rid of the download zip files and related update content. Sources are very little than a stored link that lets Kodi know where to download the repo. They don’t take up any space, but if your source list is looking cluttered, you can remove them in just a few steps.

  1. First, you have to open Kodi app on your device and then go to the home menu.
  2. Now you have to select the gear icon.
  3. Now you have to select the File Manager from the System settings menu.
  4. Now, you can scroll through the repository list on the left and select the one you want to remove.
  5. Now, you have to right-click to bring up the actions menu.
  6. Click “Remove Source“.
  7. Now you have to select “Yes” when the confirmation window opens on the screen.
  8. Now, the kodi will immediately remove the source from your list.

Removing repository sources doesn’t delete the repository files and won’t affect your installed add-ons. It does mean you might miss out on future repo/add-on updates, however.

Turn off Automatic Updates Instead of Uninstalling

  1. First, you can go to the Kodi home menu.
  2. Next, you can choose “Add-ons” from the left menu.
  3. Now, you have to select “My add-ons”
  4. Now, choose “Add-on repository”
  5. Next, you can scroll through the list and select the one you want to disable automatic updates for.
  6. Now, you have to select the icon at the bottom which is marked as “Auto-update”
  7. After selecting it, the auto-update button should turn dark, meaning automatic updates are disabled.

Remember that turning off automatic updates can make some add-ons stop working in the long run. In addition, you can also miss some extra features which has been released by the developers. It is better to periodically turn auto updates on just to make sure everything stays functional.

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How to watch Roku Private Channels

This article explains the ways to stream private channels on Roku stick. There are many ways to stream private channels on Roku. One of the easiest ways is installing Kodi on Roku. The Private Channels is always considered to be as Hidden Channels or Non-Certified Channels which cannot be displayed openly in the Roku channel store and it has to be added manually. The Roku private channels are used to steam the pirated videos and to distribute the video streams for free without the consent of the actual copyright holders.

There are so many reasons are available for why a channel may be private: It may be a beta version which means it is not fully developed or tested, it may be directed to a limited audience, or sometimes it may contain adult content and therefore not be eligible for listing in the channel store under Roku’s terms of service. Roku is a type of digital media player which can stream a huge amount of TV and video on demand.  (more…)

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Google has great news for Google Cast and Chromecast during I/O 2014

About a year ago, Google unveiled a new product called Chromecast . This device consisted of a small dongle that connected via HDMI to our TV and allowed us to transfer files from your smartphone, tablet or PC to our TV in a really simple way. Today, the U.S. company has presented its plans regarding this product and regarding Google Cast , demonstrating the strong commitment that the guys at Google want to do for content and television.

For starters, the company boasted of the great figures achieved by Chromecast, which has become one of the most sold accessories to our televisions in various countries. Also Chromecast has become one of the most used devices to access services such as YouTube , which is truly remarkable considering the large number of devices accessing the service.

But Google Chromecast is just the beginning. The next step is to enhance Google Cast and Google applications and products ready . What are these products? Basically, they are applications and products compatible with streaming technologies between devices developed by Google. In other words, applications and products that enable content streaming from other devices taking advantage of the technologies that we have seen in the Chromecast.

The idea with Cast Google is integrating Google Chromecast functionality in devices like TVs or set-top-boxes , so that anyone with a compatible with Google Cast device will not have to purchase a Google Chromecast for streaming content between your smartphone, tablet or PC and your television.

To promote the discovery and development of applications ready Google Cast, the company has announced the creation of specific sections dedicated to promoting applications compatible with this system, both iOS and Android and Chrome.

Moreover, Google has solved one of the biggest problems Google Cast and Google Chromecast in general. Until now, it was necessary to use a Chromecast be connected to the same Wi-Fi network that the device, which forced us to give the key to our Wi-Fi to anyone who wanted or needed to display content in our Chromecast. That, thankfully, has changed. Now Google will detect if any Chromecast is close to us and without any need to connect to the same Wi-Fi network, we Cast icon appear on any compatible application, thus allowing us to share television content in a simple way.

Google also claims that, using our Chromecast, televisions no longer large black panels when we are not using. To do this, they have created a new feature called Backdrop , basically become our TV on a large digital photo frame which will be shown from images (which can pick ourselves) to interesting data as the time or the most important news of the day.

Finally, Google has joined the Chromecast a really interesting feature: the ability to stream the screen of your device . That is, from now on we will be able to stream everything that appears on your smartphone, tablet or computer in a really simple way. Ideal for demonstrations and presentations in society. However, this will only be compatible with certain mobile devices (although the list is growing at an exponential rate, as the guys have said the big G).

Chromebook can run Android apps

HTC is new manufacturer of Nexus tablet

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Chromebook can run Android apps

One of the points that Google did more emphasis during this exciting Google I/O 2014 has been on our screens allow connecting all under one ecosystem yours. The idea of being able to have absolute synchronization between your smartphone, smartwatch, vehicle and computer, is wonderful. Android Wear and Android Auto enable Google sync services and wearable with a car, but now also Chromebook from Google approach this experience to allow you to run applications originally created for the Android operating system.

Google wants the information to sync seamlessly between your mobile and your computer screen (where a Chromebook) to not interrupt your work day with having to check the phone repeatedly. For example, and as happens with Android Wear, if we receive a notification on the mobile screen will be seen in the Chromebook, and if the rule there is also discarded on the smartphone.

Also receive important alerts like the smartphone is the battery is running low, we will show directly on the screen of a Chromebook.

But more interesting is that they have proposed to bring Android apps to Chrome OS . In full conference have shown with Evernote and Vine. For example, if we are editing some important note in Evernote and want to continue in the Chromebook, we note the appearance on the desktop Evernote icon to access the app will be the same version we use a smartphoone or tablet Android.

In fact, these applications run natively, so even apps like Instagram or Vine can use Chromebook camera to record videos or take photos and upload them to the social network, which I doubt ever we use, but test what Google wanted to show.

This Chrome OS could become the perfect companion Android mobile user or not all depends on the evolution that manufacturers give these personal computers. The idea is very attractive, yes, you only need to see it in practice and offer new Chromebooks. Of course, what is true is that these computers are increasingly taking more relevance in the business world .

Google has great news for Google Cast and Chromecast during I/O 2014

10 years of Cabir are met first malware for smartphones

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10 years of Cabir are met first malware for smartphones

his June 10 years of discovery are met by Kaspersky Lab Cabir , the first malware aimed at mobile devices, an important fact because although not as powerful or dangerous than current malware, if it proved to be potentially infect simply a mobile device, devices that today constitute the epicenter of many people to access the network and communicate.

Although it was by no means the first malware for mobile devices, since they already had a precedent as Phage for Palm computers of the time, if that was the first malware aimed at mobile devices with Symbian operating system, one of majority by increased sales of Nokia smart phones.

“Cabir was only a beginning, a starting point. Soon after, we saw clearly that mobile threats would be a very serious problem that required a special approach. In response, we created a new division of analysis in Kaspersky Lab, devoted entirely to mobile threats. ” – Alexander Gostev.

The main objective of Cabir was draining battery terminal and replicate via bluetooth Cabir, opened a world of possibilities since it involved the jumping-traditions desktops and laptops, servers, systems. – to mobile devices in the time began to increase their functionality and capabilities and complete operating systems used in which to install all applications and display all content, although the information was more limited than it is today.

In this sense, when analyzed code Cabir was verified that the malware had ability to send files via bluetooth and replicate between smartphones to expand the network of infected, especially in public places such as restaurants, public transport and concerts devices where this was a pretty powerful features to allow increasing the number of infected devices in just a few minutes reaching its peak during the World Athletics Championships in Helsinki gun point.

Although user Cabir infection was somewhat transparent, the battery device is emptied in a rather extremely quickly, so as to enable the threat and restore the phone. Indeed, this feature was the only function of this malware, thanks to his discovery could be curbed and have a research base to be reckoned with for all that came after.

OneDrive price war to compete against Dropbox and Google Drive

Chromebook can run Android apps

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OneDrive price war to compete against Dropbox and Google Drive

When a player dominating a market very clearly over its competitors, those competitors have a serious problem. Beginning to rival because he have enough to offer better conditions, and still have difficult assaulting his throne. This is what has happened for example WhatsApp. Although much safer alternatives have emerged as BBM platform, or more complete and open as well Telegram code is very complex done with a huge user base. One of the dominating your market is Dropbox, and one of the that follows the trail is OneDrive , formerly SkyDrive storage service in the cloud Microsoft. And now, to raise the bar and stand up with more arguments, has improved their conditions.

OneDrive answered Google Drive with the same policy of the lowest prices to win Dropbox users. To start, OneDrive now offers 15 GB of free storage for your customers, instead of the 7 GB offered today. In addition, subscribers to Office 365 spend to have a 20 GB storage to nothing more and nothing less than 1TB of space in the cloud. What’s more, additional storage prices have dropped to almost ridiculous levels to stand up to Google Drive, who has responded to Dropbox with bargain prices : 1.99 USD per month for 100 GB, and 3.99 euros per month 200 GB.

To attract more users, OneDrive has also prepared a plan referred to that will give away 500 MB for each friend signed up for the service, with a cap of 5GB thus obtained. By activating the backup from the smartphone may get another 3 GB. Although Dropbox reign continues, its competitors may have an ally: Dropbox only offers 2GB of free storage, and various promotional extensions usually have a term of two years in many cases, and gradually, is depleted, the which could lead to users with little room to find free alternatives more free storage, or at least plans as small as those of Google Drive OneDrive or prices. Meanwhile, iCloud Drive continues to lag far behind for the user, since their free plan only reaches 5 GB, which also shares space with backups of iOS devices that we have associated with our Apple ID.

10 years of Cabir are met first malware for smartphones

Facebook makes changes to shared videos directly to your network

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Facebook makes changes to shared videos directly to your network

Facebook continues to make changes in the way in which the relevant news of its users are presented. Then he announced how it will use the information from the pages you visit for generating publicity , today unveiled how to classify the videos that are uploaded directly to the social network.

As Facebook seeks to make the user experience better to “give the right to the right at the right time so you do not miss anything important people and stories relevant to them.” This will be indicated by the same user habits. Ensures that these changes are due to the shared directly on Facebook videos have increased at least twice in the last six months.

What about a video sharing link
This change will affect all videos uploaded directly to Facebook

For these cases, use Facebook and similar parameters to classify. The changes announced today affect the videos that are shared on the network directly. I guess this habit is changing, it was common to share the videos with a link to services like YouTube or Vimeo and I think is because applications that help share the videos directly, but remember that we are not just talking about personal vidéos but of all the videos and these are those who use Facebook Pages as businesses.

With different tools to measure what users see on Facebook, if they see a vidéo, how long the video see if you share or not, these measures benefit much companies and who may be behind an ad that seems they are making things easier for them while users are watching as your contact information and relevant news or not classified.

Who really benefits from these changes, users really? He says in his statement that people are more vidéos when this classification, at least those results have been applied. It is rather obvious but how much of that information really is it chosen by the user or a tool that uses the curiosity factor to add vidéos “promoted” because they saw the other contacts?

OneDrive price war to compete against Dropbox and Google Drive

Detected a major security Hole in devices SoCs Mediatek TNB / June 24, 2014